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The GTL DNASafe™ DNA Profile is an individual DNA profile that can be used as a permanent method of personal identification. Unlike a name that may be the same as someone else’s, a National Insurance number that could be stolen or photographs that become outdated, a DNA profile remains the same from birth to the end of your life. A DNASafe™ DNA profile shows your genetic similarity to family members as well as the unique genetic make-up that distinguishes you from the rest of the world.

In the event that you or your family need help from a government agency, for example when searching for a missing person following an accident or natural disaster, the DNASafe™ DNA profile is fully compatible with internationally recognised DNA identity standards. Having a DNASafe™ profile readily available would save precious time and allow for quick comparison of your DNA profile with any DNA evidence that might be recovered.

Ordering Your DNASafe™ DNA Profile Kit

We at GTL believe that, once you have collected DNA samples for testing, you should be able to pay for your DNA test when you are ready.

Legal DNASafe™ DNA Profile Kit

To qualify as an accredited legal DNA test, the DNA sample collection process must be witnessed by a health professional or neutral third party with no interest in the outcome of the test. The identity of the applicants submitting DNA samples must also be verified by photographic proof of identity and 2 passport-sized photographs of each applicant must accompany the samples.

NOTE: The health professional may charge a sampling fee and this cost is not included within our fees.

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Our DNASafe™ DNA Profile Test Includes:

  • Discreet packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’

  • DNA testing of the applicant

  • Our Premium Quality DNASafe™ DNA Profile using 21 genetic markers

  • Confidential DNA test results in 5 working days

  • Our legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include free Special Delivery postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional
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Step 1

Step 1: Choose Your DNA Test

Informational DNA Test
A 1-person peace of mind DNA profile. The cost of the service includes the tested applicant only.

Order Paternity Test Kit Now

Legal DNA Test
If you would like your DNA test results to be admissible in a court of law, you will need the Legal DNA Test. Click here to learn more about the differences between informational DNA tests and legal DNA testing.

To start your application, please download our application form (PDF format) by clicking on the button below.

Click Here to Download Registration Forms
Step 2

Step 2: Check Shipping Information

Please take a minute to read the important information below:

All home DNA testing kits are sent in plain, discrete packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’. There is no return address, no company name and nothing to show what is inside.

For home DNA test kit orders within the United Kingdom:

You will be asked to select how you would like your DNA testing kit sent to you.

Royal Mail 1st class should take 1 working day to reach you but is not guaranteed and may take longer. 

Recorded Delivery 1st class should take 1 working day to reach you and requires a signature on delivery. We will be able to provide a tracking number if required. Please note that Recorded Delivery is not guaranteed and may take longer to reach you.

Special Delivery is guaranteed for delivery before 1pm the following working day but is not guaranteed for delivery on a Saturday. We will be able to provide a tracking number if required.

If you would like your order sent by a courier service, please email us or call one of our Customer Service Advisors for a quote on 0333 300 3130.

For home DNA kit orders outside the United Kingdom:

You will be asked to select how you would like your DNA testing kit sent to you.

Royal Mail Airmail should take three days to Western Europe, four days to Eastern Europe and five days for the rest of the world.

Airsure mail receives priority handling in the UK and abroad, making it faster than the normal Airmail times. However, it is not a guaranteed courier service.

If you would like your order sent by Federal Express or another courier service, please email us or call one of our Customer Service Advisors for a quote on 0333 300 3130.

When home DNA test kits are shipped:

All orders received by 4pm GMT Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day. GTL do not dispatch or receive DNA kits at weekends or on public holidays.

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Step 4

Step 3: Complete Guide to DNA Testing

Check our complete guide to DNA testing, paternity test and genetic testing services, fees and refund policy.

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Step 5

Step 4: Additional DNA Testing and Sampling

Information about how DNA samples are collected, the differences between legal DNA testing and informational (peace of mind) DNA tests, buccal mouth swab samples versus "pin-prick" blood sample collection and more is available here.

Find out more about what is required with legal paternity testing, court ordered DNA tests, CSA DNA test and immigration DNA testing.

We understand that finding the answer is very important. Discover the benefits of our paternity test and DNA testing.

Release of DNA Test Results

DNA test results will be available 5 working days after we receive the DNA samples, completed registration form and payment of the laboratory processing fee.

Peace of mind DNA results are also available by telephone, email or post for an additional administration fee, currently £5 for telephone, £10 for email and £15 for first class post.

Other Sources of DNA

Should you find you are unable to provide a mouth swab sample, or do not wish to concern or upset your child by collecting a DNA sample in this way, we are able to extract DNA from a variety of other sources at additional cost. These alternate sources include hair, nail clippings, chewing gum, cigarette butts and clothing. Please click here for full details of other DNA sources we can work with, prices and success rates.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our Customer Service Advisors on 0333 300 3130 or email us for more information.

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Interested in our other DNA Testing and Paternity Test Services?

Review a complete guide to our services, fees and refund policies.

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DNASafe DNA Profile Testing

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Consent is required from each person being tested before a sample can be taken. In the case if minors, individuals suffering from a mental disorder or those who are not in a position to give their own consent, a legal guardian or a person having parental responsibility for the individual must consent. Under the Human Tissue Act it is a criminal offense to take a sample from someone to test their DNA without their consent, except for medical purposes and lawful investigative purposes, for example a criminal investigation. Click here to view Department of Health Human Tissue Act 2004 information.
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