Discover Your Affiliation to 4 Main Populations

No one person of us is of strictly pure ancestry – we have all descended from multiple groups that originated from different geographical regions. Our DNA ancestry is a great starting point in your endeavour to learn more about who you really are.

Our test gives you the opportunity to expound your origins by looking into the 4 most common ancestral populations giving you the full spectrum of your ancient ancestry, looking into both your maternal and paternal ancestry.

Here are the 4 groups we focus on; your genetic ancestry will be spread on all or some of these four groups, exemplifying the mixed ancestry which all of us have. In some cases, you your ancestral admixture might show you descend from only one of the below groups.

European: This group includes Europeans, Middle Easterners (including modern day Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon) and South Asians (such as Indians)

African:  This groups is for those people who have sub-Saharan ancestry

East-Asian: This group includes Japanese, Chinese, Pacific Islanders and Korean

Indigenous American: The group includes North, Central and South American

For each of the above groups, we will express your genetic ancestral makeup as a percentage. The Genetic Testing Laboratory will provide you with a certificate which will detail all you wanted to know about your ancestral roots. We will also give you a guide to complement and help understand your results. Click here to view a sample result.

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Want to Hone in on your Lineage?

Ancestry by DNA offers you the chance to learn about your ancestors but does not trace your direct paternal and maternal lineage. If you wish to learn about just one of these lines, you may be interested one of the below lineage testing services we offer:


  • Maternal lineage testing – a test that is based on the analysis of maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA to determine the origins of your ancient foremothers.
  • Paternal lineage testing – a test this is based on the analysis of the Y chromosome to determine paternal lineage.

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Difference between Autosomal Ancestry Tests and Sex-Chromosome Ancestry Tests
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