Why choose a Blood DNA Test?

The test we offer has been extensively tested and endorsed by the scientific community. Our baby gender test offers very accurate results so early in your pregnancy. Many other baby gender tests available today are questionable on all levels and are therefore not recommended – these include many of the home tests you read about online such as the Chinese calendar, the cabbage test and even some hormone based tests that you purchase over the web.

By choosing Genetic Testing Laboratories you are choosing top quality DNA testing performed in accredited laboratories. Here are a few reasons for choosing our test.


  • Good, competitive pricing: Our baby gender test costs only £169.
  • Short waiting time: As soon as we receive your samples at our laboratory, the processing time typically takes 8 working days. We also offer an Express service which results in tests being ready between 4 working days for the price of £249. Please note turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach our laboratory.
  • No need to go to a doctor clinic or hospital to perform the test.
  • Accuracy: Having undergone many validation studies in our laboratories, we are pleased to say that our baby gender DNA test is 98% accurate, giving you utmost certainty of your baby’s gender.
  • Customer care service: Our superior customer care representatives are waiting for you to get in touch in order to answer your queries.

Please understand that Company Policy is that the results of the Pink or Blue® test are aimed at being used for curiosity, bonding and preparation for the new born baby. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.

Sending us Your Samples

We send out a home sample collection kit to all our clients once they have confirmed their order. Our kit contains the sterile lancet for you to prick your finger and collect just a few blood drops on the special paper provided inside the kit.


Interested in our other DNA testing and paternity test services?

We offer other prenatal tests besides baby gender testing. If you wish to establish paternity of an unborn baby, we recommend our 100% risk free prenatal paternity test. GTL’s non invasive prenatal test can be carried out at just 10 weeks using a blood sample from the expectant mother and a blood sample from the father. From the blood sample of the mother, we are able to extract foetal DNA and compare the baby’s DNA to the DNA extracted from the blood sample of the father.

We also offer prenatal paternity testing using samples of amniotic fluid or sample collected via chorionic villus sampling. However, we discourage clients from using this type of prenatal test due to the risks involved (which include miscarriage).

How are we able to determine whether you will have a boy or a girl?

Males are born with a Y chromosome while females do not have a Y chromosome and this simple fact makes our test possible.

The baby gender test is conducted by means of analysis of the blood samples provided. Fetal DNA fragments are naturally found in the mother’s blood; these fragments are flushed out by the mother’s immune system due to the fact that they are perceived as foreign genetic material. Rigorous analysis is then performed on the fetal DNA with the aim of detecting the Y chromosome or male-specific Y DNA sequences. If our scientists are able to locate the Y chromosome in the sample then we can conclude that you have are carrying a baby boy and if not, you have a baby girl on the way.

How can I ensure I collect samples correctly?

This test is extremely sensitive to male DNA and all we need is the smallest amount of male DNA in the sample to confirm the baby is a boy. In order to avoid false positives, you must make sure that no male handles or comes into contact with the sample at any point.

From our end, we too ensure that once we receive your sample, it gets handled solely by female scientists and laboratory technicians. The area in which the samples are analyzed for a baby gender test is a restricted area which only females are allowed access.

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