These questions and many more can be answered with our DNA test and the answers you get will help you guide your children in the right direction, nourishing their potential and making the most of your parenting skills. Begin understanding the role of your kid’s genes in making them who they are. The test starts at £99 with results in 4-8 weeks from receipt of samples.

The Science

The children’s DNA test is a DNA based test that will help you understand anything from your child’s cognitive capacity to their athletic capabilities and physical attributes. The key to understanding your kid better is locked in their genes. The reason this test is possible is because of the significant role our genes play in certain characteristics we develop (be this physical or cognitive). The information provided by the test results consists of contemporary scientific studies. The results might show your child has a tendency towards nearsightedness, or that they have a long term memory capacity which is above average. It is important to keep in mind that the results are not in any way deterministic and that although genes do have a strong influence on who we are, they are not the only factor. Environmental and lifestyle factors for example, also play a very important role.



The Discovery Package

The test results include valuable information about your child and here are just some of the things you will learn:

Athletic Potential: knowing your child’s athletic abilities and whether they are more the endurance type or the sprinter type will help you guide them towards those sports they are more likely to succeed in.

Height: Genetic factors far outweigh any other factor when it comes to height so just how likely is it that your child will be above average height?

Risk Taking: To what extent does your child take risks and embark in risky behaviors? Do they perceive taking risks as positive?

Memory Performance: There are different types of memory (such as long term memory or short term memory). The results will help you find out if your child has a below or above average capacity for one type or another. It could really help understand how they learn or even the teaching approach to use.

Morning/Night person: It might seem trivial but actually knowing when your child’s activity levels are at their peak means you can be prepared for a night owl or a lark and the habits associated with each one.

Nearsightedness: Knowing your child has an above average chance of being short-sighted means you may want to keep on the lookout and ensure they get proper checkups and eye care.

Learning Patterns: Discover how your child learns! Does he or she get motivated by fear of negative outcomes? Do they prefer remaining in their comfort zone or venturing into new pastures? Do they use past experiences to make decisions?

Note: The results of this test are purely for informational purposes. Genetics play a key role in all the areas analysed but in most cases, it is not only our genes that play a role but also the environment around us.

How to take the test

You simply need to provide us with a DNA sample of your child! And we make things even easier thanks to the home sample collection kit we provide you with. The kit will contain the detailed instructions on how to collect your samples and all the steps to follow. DNA samples can be collected by means of mouth swabs which you simple need to rub inside the mouth of your child for a few seconds. Once in the laboratory, the DNA will be analyzed and the findings presented in your results.

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