Results are divided into 5 distinct levels

The mixed breed canine test is done by means of a simple mouth swab and will establish the exact dog breed composition. The test is offered starting at £65 for testing 1 dog with results in 2-3 weeks from receipt of samples at laboratory.

Important note: As the results are based on the dog’s entire gene pool it will not necessarily reflect the dog’s current appearance. Guessing a mixed-breed’s ancestry can be difficult even for knowledgeable dog observers, because mixed-breeds have much more genetic variation than purebreds. The presence of certain dog breeds in your results does not guarantee that the dog will look like the specific detected breeds, because the genetic contributions from the other breeds present may be more visible.

We determine your dog’s breed mix by referring to a database which contains the DNA profiles of the most common dog breeds. If a dog’s DNA contains a breed of dog that we do not have in our database, it will automatically get matched to the next closest breed or to the foundation breed of that dog.To view the list of dog breeds click here.

Once we receive your dog’s samples we will run it against the entire dog breed database to determine where there are matches between your dog’s DNA and those of other known breeds in the database. The results will provide percentages to indicate just how closely your dog is genetically to a given breed. 5 different levels will provide the genetic similarity, expressed in terms of percentages, with other dog breeds.

Level 1:

If 75% of your dog’s total DNA comes from just 1 single breed, it will be represented as a level 1 breed. To be represented in this level, your dog’s parents would need to have both been purebred.

Level 2:

Level 2 is the next level which will show close genetic affiliations to other dog breeds but not as close as the breed in level 1. Because the percentage of shared DNA between the dog tested and the breeds in the database will also be quite high (37-74%), you will easily see the traits and characteristics of the detected breeds in your dog.

Level 3:

This level will show breeds that share 20-30% with your dog.

Level 4:

This category represents 10-20% of the breed DNA. Dogs that have a varied breed ancestry may have several breeds represented in this level.

Level 5:

This level will show breeds that account for less than 9% of the total genetic make-up.

And there is more

Besides the percentage breakdown of the various breeds that make up your dog, your results will also contain:


  • A custom certificate (with optional photo of your dog) showing the main breeds found in your dog’s genetic breed composition (note that you will need to provide us with a picture of your dog for us to create this unique memento, perfect for framing).
  • A report on your dog’s personality traits. Our personality is one aspect of our character that defines who we are and this is no different for a dog. Understanding your dog’s temperament and learning style will help you provide a more effective training programme; it will also help you understand why your dog behaves in a certain way. If you don’t tailor your approach to your dog’s personality, you will probably not get the results you hoped for.
  • Information about health concerns and diseases your dog might be genetically susceptible towards developing. This is scientifically based upon the genetic predisposition to certain diseases that are associated with specific breeds. It will help you ensure to keep your dog healthy and be on the lookout for any health concerns.

Note: This test is made for mixed-breed dogs and will not determine whether your dog is pure bred.

We strongly suggest bearing the following in mind

Experience indicates that approximately 2.3% of all DNA canine testing will yield results that are inaccurate or cannot be interpreted. The reasons for this are:

Dogs have extremely high levels of oral bacteria which may result in degeneration of the sample before our DNA extraction process commences.

Another important factor is that our dog DNA database is composed of over 95 breeds of dogs. These 95 breeds are the most common breeds of dogs we find in mixed breed dogs across North America. You need to bear in mind that there will be some dog breeds that may not be represented in our database. If your dog contains DNA from a breed that is not in our database, the DNA represented in that part of your dog’s genetics will be assigned to the foundation breed or to the next most closely related breed or breeds. Visit the list of breeds tested by clicking here.

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