Dog Mess is a Health Hazard

Not exactly pleasant to look at, rather unpleasant to smell and irritating to step on, dog poop is causing a major problem on a social, environmental and health level. Consider the following:


  • Dog poop is classified in the same pollution category as toxic chemicals
  • Dog poop can spread disease with children, older people and pregnant women especially at risk
  • Dog poop attracts vermin
  • It is actually bad for vegetation

Simply walking on an infected poop means the individuals and their dogs will invariably take the germs into their home, leaving a trail of microscopic bugs on their floors, carpets and perhaps even other surfaces which could result in people living in the household getting sick from their pets. To read more about disease we can contract from cats and dogs, click here.

How the New Dog Poop DNA Test can Help your Community?

The solution to the problem is to compile a dog database: The testing process involves getting all dog owners in a community to have their dog’s DNA collected. GTL will provide you with a kit for every dog owner. The only thing that needs be done to extract the DNA is swab the mouth of the dog with the swabs we provide inside the kit. All relevant forms and instructions will be included.

Once all of the samples have been gathered the lab will compile a list of all of the dogs in the area. This will ensure that the culprit can be located the next time dog droppings are found and not cleaned up.

Precautions before Swabbing

To ensure the laboratory successfully extracts the canine DNA, you should wait approximately 2 hours after your dog has had a meal or any treats before trying to collect a DNA sample. Water is fine. Do not allow dogs to play with any toys, especially if these are shared with other pets.

Testing the Dog Droppings

Once the database has been compiled, finding the irresponsible dog owner who left that dog mess is straightforward. After a dog dropping has been found a simple process will be performed to document the incident and collect the sample. We will provide a special kit to collect a sample of faecal matter. Provided in the kit will be a spatula, a bottle, and a bag. You now must use the spatula to get a small sample of the poo (ideally from the surface of the excrement) and put it into the bottle where it will then require a hard shake. The bottle contains a special preserving solution. Once you have shaken it, put it in the provided bag and seal it off for shipment.

Your results will tell you whether the DNA in the sample that was analysed matched any of the dogs in the database. With evidence in hand, appropriate action can be then taken including a heavy fine.

Other Dog Testing Services

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test: If you are concerned about whether your dog will be affected or suffer from the disease later on this test could be ideal. Certain dog breeds are known to be prone to particular hereditary conditions that can affect their quality of life. GTL offers dog inherited disease testing a reliable and accurate DNA test that will establish the genetic susceptibility of your dog to a given disease.

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