Results and What to Expect

Our dog breed identification test will provide scientific answers as to your dog’s genetic ancestry – no more educated guesses based upon physical characteristics that are often shared by many breeds. The test is offered at £69 with results in just 3 weeks.

Results include a detailed guide that displays the heritage of your pup back to their great grandparents. Having this information is particularly helpful if you want to know exactly what breeds your dog consists of, based on an easy to read canine family tree. You will also receive a guide detailing each breed found in their genetic mixture and what kind of behavioural, temperamental and physical traits are associated with each discovered breed.

You will also get information regarding what your dog’s ideal adult weight will be based on their genetic profile. Results will provide average figures for both spayed and intact dogs.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – Mixed breed. Mongrel. Roadside setter – get the answers today, decode your dog’s DNA.

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Benefits of Wisdom Panel® 2.0 Testing

There are plenty of great benefits to getting your pup’s genetic report back. Some of the benefits are subtle, and others can be potentially lifesaving. Once you purchase the Wisdom Panel® 2.0 test we will send you a kit to gather the DNA from your dog via cheek swab. In the kit you will receive:


  • Instructions
  • (2) DNA cheek swabs – both for use on one dog
  • Pre-paid label and envelope for shipping back to the laboratory

Knowing the specific breed mix of their dogs helps when communicating with their vet. When an exact breed is known the vet is able to help the pet by checking for diseases that tend to prevalent in certain breeds, providing adequate treatment or suggesting regular check-ups. Developing the ideal training program that will achieve results is also heavily dependent on knowing your dog’s dominant breeds – different dog breeds require different training programs.

Having hard scientific evidence of your dog’s breed means your dog might be easier to sell or to home. When we send the results back to you there is a page that details the dominant breed/s of your dog, along with other breeds if these are present.

Important Note

The Wisdom Panel® 2.0 test was developed using pure breeds primarily from those found on The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club registry lists. Therefore, if your canine was imported from a country or region other than Mainland U.S. or Western Europe, or if you suspect that your dog’s ancestors originate from outside these countries or regions; your dog’s breed ancestry may not be well represented in our database.

Instead we suggest that you take a look at our DNA My Dog Breed test which identifies the ancestry of mixed breed dogs and works worldwide.


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