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Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc. has been accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. Click here to view the Ministry of Justice list of the currently accredited bodies.

GTL is also accredited by the AABB and in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA, a signatory to the ILAC arrangement. Click here to view the full list of Signatories to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement which includes The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Please note that UK court-directed section 20 tests will be dealt with directly by our laboratory in New Mexico, USA. The contact telephone number for section 20 tests is 00 1 575 646 7850 or email

Our cheap DNA testing, paternity testing kit and affordable paternity test offer the most conclusive and accurate DNA test results available at the most competitive prices, provided by a laboratory you can trust. Please compare our services with other DNA testing companies before making this important decision.

We at GTL believe that, once you have collected DNA samples for testing, you should be able to pay for your DNA test when you are ready. This is why we offer you the opportunity to purchase a DNA testing kit or home paternity test kit now for the low price of £29 and pay the laboratory processing fee at a later date when you return your DNA samples for analysis and testing.

Click here to view our complete range of DNA tests and prices or select the test you require from the drop-down menu on the All DNA Tests button at the top of the page.

Please take some time to review our DNA Testing Information page for more information about DNA sample collection, the difference between buccal mouth swab samples and blood samples as well as the difference between peace of mind DNA testing versus legal DNA tests.

Release of DNA Test Results

Release of DNA Test Results DNA test results will be available 5 working days after we receive the DNA samples, completed registration form and payment of the laboratory processing fee

Peace of mind DNA results are also available by telephone or post for an additional administration fee, currently £5 for telephone and £15 for first class post.

For legal DNA tests, one copy of the notarised test results and supporting documentation will be posted to you, or a designated recipient, as per your instructions. They may also be emailed or telephoned at no extra cost. Further notarised copies are available at an additional cost of £50 each.

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Rush Analysis of DNA

If yours is a more urgent case and you require a faster turnaround time, we provide a Rush Processing service at additional cost, currently £80 - £350 for a 4, 3, 2 or 1-day turnaround. This express service is available for all our DNA tests including the paternity test. Please visit the individual DNA test page for full details.

Other Sources of DNA

Should you find you are unable to provide a mouth swab sample, or do not wish to concern or upset your child by collecting a DNA sample in this way, we are able to extract DNA from a variety of other sources at additional cost. These alternate sources include hair, nail clippings, chewing gum, cigarette butts and clothing. Please click here for full details of other DNA sources we can work with, prices and success rates.

Order your DNA testing kit online or call one of our Customer Service Advisors on 0333 300 3130 for assistance.

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Our Most Popular DNA Tests

The £29* DNA Paternity Test Kit

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LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER Our £29* premium Paternity Testing kit includes individually packaged sterilised cheek swabs for painless DNA sample collection, easy to follow instructions, registration form and an addressed return envelope.

*Why so cheap? Click here to find out more about our cheap paternity tests

Collect & Send™ Today DNA Test

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Our exclusive £119 Collect & Send™ Today DNA test kit is the most discreet and convenient DNA test on the market. Simply print the registration forms, collect the DNA samples using cotton swabs at your own home and post to us for testing. An affordable paternity test really is that simple.

Legal DNA Testing

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Our £289 legal DNA paternity test includes free Special Delivery postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional and all the paperwork you need to establish a legal chain of custody for the DNA samples.

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Our DNA Testing Kits Include:

  • Discreet packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’

  • DNA testing of the alleged father, child and mother (mother is optional)

  • Our Premium Quality Paternity Test using 21 genetic markers

  • 99.9% accuracy for inclusions (positive results) and 100% accuracy for exclusions (negative results)

  • Check your DNA test progress online and view your DNA test report when ready (click here for more information)

  • Confidential DNA test results in 5 working days

  • Our legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include free Special Delivery postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional

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Order securely by credit or debit card below or call one of our Customer Service Advisors on 0333 300 3130
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Simple. Accurate. Affordable. Guaranteed. Call us on 0333 300 3130 Now

Why Choose GTL?


DNA samples are collected quickly and painlessly using mouth swabs rubbed on the inside of the cheek. We can extract DNA from other sources, please click here for more information. We can send a DNA test kit anywhere in the world and can arrange for samples to be taken in most countries and almost anywhere in the United Kingdom.


GTL offer the highest quality DNA tests in the marketplace, using 21 genetic markers and backed by our DNA Paternity Testing Accuracy Guarantee.


Our DNA testing technology for human identity and relationships is the most powerful available but we offer the most competitive prices for the highest quality DNA testing in the marketplace. With GTL your peace of mind is now more affordable than ever.


All DNA test kit orders received before 4pm GMT will be dispatched the same day. Easy to follow instructions allow samples to be taken in your own home. Legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include free postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional.


Laboratory services are provided by Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc. based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. Genetic Testing Laboratories is a product of New Mexico State University's ongoing research and expertise in the biotechnology and informatics fields. Since its inception, Genetic Testing Laboratories has maintained a partnership with New Mexico State University and continues to benefit from the expertise of its scientists.

Genetic Testing Laboratories is now a leading laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities for autosomal (STR) DNA analysis, Y-chromosomal (Y-STR) DNA analysis, mitochondrial (MtDNA) analysis and mini STR DNA analysis for forensic casework. Accrediting bodies include AABB, ISO 17025:2005, ISO 9001:2008, A2LA, FQS-I ISO/IEC 17011, CAP, CLIA and the TXDPS Crime Lab Accreditation Program.

Please visit our Accreditations and Partners page for full details and to view accreditation certificates.

Click here to browse our services and choose the DNA test that suits your needs or call one of our Customer Service Advisors on 0333 300 3130 today.

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Some Recent Testimonials

"I thought your service was professional and efficient."
Jacqueline, April 2015

"Service was wonderful, fast delivery. I'm very happy overall, we got the result we were expecting. Thanks a lot."
Nicola, April 2015

"Very good service."
Ana, April 2015

"Quick direct service for peace of mind, great service."
Barbara, March 2015

"Excellent service."
Gary, March 2015

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The GTL Commitment to Quality


3 by 3 Quality Checking

Accuracy of DNA Test Results

To guarantee accurate DNA test results we carry out special quality control checks at each of the 3 critical stages of DNA testing:

  1. Case login
  2. DNA Analysis
  3. Report Generation

GTL offer complete confidence in the results of your DNA test.

The Only Thing That's Cheap About Our DNA Testing Is The Price!

Our DNA testing technology for human identity and relationships is the most powerful available but we offer cheap DNA testing and the most competitive prices for the highest quality DNA tests in the marketplace. Click here to view full details of our Services, Prices and Refund Policies.

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We're Accredited by the Ministry of Justice
We're an ISO 17025 Accredited Facility
We're accredited by internationally respected A2LA
We're an Accredited Testing Laboratory All Around the World
We're AABB Accredited for Parentage Testing
We're Accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities
We're a CLIA Accredited Laboratory
We participate in CAP's Proficiency Testing Program
Our Kits Contain FDA Approved Components
We Self-Certify Compliance with SafeHarbor
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We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau
We're the founders of a Fire and Law Enforcement Training Resource
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Consent is required from each person being tested before a sample can be taken. In the case if minors, individuals suffering from a mental disorder or those who are not in a position to give their own consent, a legal guardian or a person having parental responsibility for the individual must consent. Under the Human Tissue Act it is a criminal offense to take a sample from someone to test their DNA without their consent, except for medical purposes and lawful investigative purposes, for example a criminal investigation. Click here to view Department of Health Human Tissue Act 2004 information.
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