How the Y Chromosome Test works?

Our Y-STR male lineage DNA test laboratory processing cost starts at £199 and includes DNA testing of two male applicants.

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This DNA test focuses on the Y chromosome and produces a unique Y-STR DNA profile for each tested male. It is very important to note that this DNA test will not distinguish between males of the same paternal lineage. For example: a male “A” and his alleged half-brother “B” know they have different mothers but would like to find out if they have the same biological father. If the Y-STR DNA profiles produced by the Y-STR male lineage DNA test are the same then it is practically proven that they share the same biological father. If the Y-STR DNA profiles do not match then they do not share the same biological father.

The chart illustrates other circumstances in which a Y-STR male lineage DNA test can be used. For the chart click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This DNA test can only be used for males. When testing male and female siblings to determine whether or not they share a common father, a Sibling DNA Test should be used.

Our Y-STR Male Lineage DNA Test Includes:


  • Discrete packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’
  • DNA testing of two males
  • 100% accuracy for inclusions (positive results) and exclusions (negative results)
  • Confidential DNA test results in 5-7 working days*
  • Our legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include free Special Delivery postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional

Sample collection for Y Chromosome Testing

Our Y chromosome test only requires that you collect your DNA samples with mouth swabs. We will provide you with the mouth swabs required inside the kit we will send to your chosen address at the moment of your order with us. Your kit will contain 4 oral swabs per person – it is important to use all 4 swabs. You will also find instructions (which include precautions and the step by step process to follow) as well as consent forms and a self-addressed envelope. Once you have collected your samples, send GTL everything back for laboratory analysis. Results will be issued in just 5-7 working days and will provide a clear-cut answer to your question: do we share the same paternal line?

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