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DNA profiling (sometimes referred to as DNA fingerprinting) is a type of analysis which is very much analogous to the tests used by forensic teams whereby scientists analyse a DNA pattern that has a unique sequence. Using a highly advanced method of DNA replication and amplification known as polymerase chain reaction, we can map a horse’s DNA profile. The price for an equine DNA Profile is £45 with results in 10 business days from the moment samples are received at the laboratory.

Our DNA profiling service will provide you with your 23 genetic marker blue print extracted in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The profile we provide includes the STR marker panel plus additional markers for an optimized panel of 23 DNA markers. Using avant-garde DNA testing technologies, we will provide you with an accurate and reliable DNA test result.

Note: This is NOT a horse breed test and will NOT provide information about the genetic breeds in your horse.

Collecting your equine DNA samples

We require hair samples in order to carry out the test and need 12-25 hairs, each must have the hair follicle attached to it. It is important to pluck the hair out of the horse’s mane. Cut or naturally shed hair is not usable for DNA testing.  If you are testing foals, use hair plucked from the tail.

The forms for your test

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Download the Animal DNA Testing Submission Form

What uses does a DNA profile have?

Because a DNA profile offers proof of genetic identification that is incontrovertible and indisputable it can be used in a number of cases. Imagine your horse gets stolen! If you do find a horse which you suspect to be yours, how do you prove it? By comparing the DNA profile of the alleged stolen horse to the DNA profile belonging to your horse, you can confirm whether you have tracked down your horse and its thief. If the DNA profiles match, it is your horse.

DNA profiles are also used if you are a horse breeder and wish to keep records of dames and sires. In cases of a foal, it may not always be clear which sire is the actual biological father. Having DNA profiles on record makes equine parentage testing quicker. Parentage testing for horses is also important for breeders to guarantee the integrity of the breed. Get more information about horse parentage testing.

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