GTL is all About:


  • Accuracy: Our results offer a minimum probability of 99.99% if the tested father is the biological father
  • Reliability: We have carried out thousands of tests and consistently provide clients with clear-cut and accurate results they can trust and depend on.
  • Efficiency: Deciding to do a DNA test may not have been an easy choice for you. Having a company that deals with your case smoothly and without complications will make the experience more positive and stress-free.

Our company was one of the first to start offering DNA testing services and has since maintained its place as one of the leading DNA testing companies. We know that there are now many companies offering DNA testing services – however we differentiate ourselves by providing DNA testing services through the most highly accredited DNA testing laboratory worldwide and an unparalleled level of customer service.

Our Experience is your Guarantee

Established in 2001 we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients find answers to their relationship queries and daily assist new clients from all over the world. We, at GTL, are truly dedicated to what we do.

You want those valuable answers as quickly as possible so GTL’s customer support team keep response time tight. Our customer support team is there for you, at your disposal and ready to help you by email, telephone or live chat.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Genetic Testing Laboratories also understands your concerns about being discrete and how issues of privacy may weigh on your mind. With GTL, your case will be handled with total privacy and confidentiality. We do not disclose any of your information to third parties – only people who have signed for a test can get information about the test in question.

We can Answer any of Your Questions

We provide you with answers and solutions. Our many years’ experience in this industry is your reassurance that GTL can provide you with DNA paternity and relationship testing. We also offer a wide range of other DNA tests and keep abreast of developments and innovations in the field of genetics and DNA testing. Our clients have taught us that all cases are different – we receive thousands of different queries and questions annually – and we give our best attention to each one. GTL treats every case on a personal level and your case will be no different. Our client testimonials attest to our dedication towards our clients. Click here to read more.