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DNA Siblingship Test

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GTL DNA siblingship test determines the statistical probability of whether or not siblings (brothers and sisters) share the same two parents. The price of the DNA test is at £199 which includes two siblings but you may add more if required at extra cost.

Aunt, Uncle DNA Test

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GTL offers Aunt, Uncle DNA testing which determines the statistical probability that a person is the aunt or uncle of their niece or nephew. The price of the test, which starts at £199, includes one aunt or uncle and 1 niece or nephew. This type of DNA test is also known as avuncular DNA testing.

Grandparent DNA Test

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GTL offers grandparent DNA testing. A grandparentage test uses the samples of both grandparents to determine whether they are really the biological grandmother and grandfather of their grandchild or grandchildren.

Twins DNA Test

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The Twin Zygosity DNA test establishes whether applicants are identical twins, fraternal twins or siblings. This type of sibling test compares whether the twins tested are monozygotic or dizygotic by comparing the DNA profiles.

Mitochondrial DNA Test

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The mitochondrial DNA test (also known as the X-SV maternal lineage test) is used to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage. The test can also indicate whether two individuals share the same mother *.

Y Chromosome Test

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The GTL Y chromosome test (Y–STR male lineage DNA test) determines whether or not two or more males are related by their paternal lineage. The Y chromosome has a comparatively infrequent mutation rate and therefore remains the same through many generations. GTL offers Y chromosome testing for peace of mind or legal purposes.

DNA Maternity Test

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GTL's DNA Maternity Test is a premium home DNA test at a low price. This maternity test establishes the probability that a female is the true biological mother of a child. Our Maternity test is offered at £99 and includes testing of the alleged mother, child and father.

Genetic Reconstruction Test

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Do you need to establish the paternity of a child but are unable to carry out a paternity test? In such cases, a genetic reconstruction test is a great way of establishing paternity without the need to directly include the father’s DNA sample.


How are samples collected for a relationship test?

Relationship tests are carried out using a home sample collection kit. Once you have placed your order, we will send out your kit to whichever address you specify. If individuals are based in different locations, we can send out multiple kits to different addresses and if needed, we can also organize a couriered delivery (additional charges will apply in these cases).

Our kits will contain the mouth swabs needed for the sample collection. We include 4 swabs for every person. All 4 swabs need to be used. The swabbing procedure entails simply rubbing the swab inside the mouth and under the tongue in order to collect dead cheek cells. To ensure the DNA you collected on the swabs is preserved, you will need to leave them to air dry for around 1 hour.

When are relationship tests most often used?

Relationship tests are often used instead of paternity testing. Let us say you wish to establish the paternity of a child but the alleged father cannot be tested for some reason or other. This is where relationship tests come in. By testing the DNA of the alleged father’s relatives, for example his brother, sister or parents, and comparing the DNA of one or more of his blood relatives to the DNA of the child (whose paternity is in question), we can establish whether the untested, alleged father is really the biological father of the child.