About this Test

The GPS Origins™ ancestry test uses biological data to find one’s geographical origins, tracing your DNA back to its point of origins as well as predicting your country of ancestral origin. The analysis of this geo-targeted ancestry test is based on 800,000 DNA markers and makes it possible to follow your DNA signature back to the country of origin 90% of the time.

GPS Origins™: Why is it better?

There are many ancestry tests available but most of these will give your regional ancestral affiliations which most people find difficult to relate to. Results trace your ancestry backward over many millennia. Results might just tell you that you have 40% European ancestry or 24% East-Asian ancestry; such results feel so general and non-specific that most individuals feel they need more precise information. They want to know where exactly their ancestors came from. Here is exactly why the GPS Origins™ (GPS stands for Geographic Population Structure) is ahead of other ancestry tests on the market because it can pinpoint your ancestor’s exact country of origin, even their city of origin or isolated island populations. The test traces back your ancestral roots to around 1000 years back. Cutting-edge and targeted, the GPS Origins™ ancestry origins test is the one to go for if you wish to learn recent your ancestral roots.

How do I take the test?

Ordering your test is simple and can be done in 3 steps.

  1. Order your kit
  2. Collect your samples using the kit provided
  3. Return your samples

Your results will be ready in 4-6 weeks and available online.

View a sample result of this test.

 The results are an online interactive report, this pdf is just a sample.

How do I collect my samples?

Collecting your samples is extremely easy using the mouth swabs inside the kit. You will simply need to rub the swabs inside the mouth for a few seconds, allow them to dry and return them to the envelopes provided. The instructions provided inside the kit will explain every single step and any precautions to follow.

The research behind the test

The GPS Origins™ test was developed by the University of Sheffield, a world top 100 university, by Israeli-American geneticist and bioinformatician Dr. Eran Elhaik and his team of researchers. The results of their study were published in a peer-reviewed paper in the highly respected Nature communications journal and can be read here.

The GPS Origins™ test is an autosomal DNA test which draws upon the DNA you inherited from your maternal side and your paternal side. This means the results give you a good overview of your recent ancestry from both sides of your family. The ancestry test looks at everyone’s ancestry being formed from a mix of 36 different gene pools which cover the whole world. GPS Origins™ looks at every individual’s unique DNA and how this DNA was formed through a combination of DNA markers from different gene pools across the world.

Note: The test looks at the geographical origins of your ancestors not the origins of your ancestors. However, from the results you can clearly conclude that some of your ancestors did come from the places indicated in your results in the period specified.

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