Why a Twins DNA Test

The Twin Zygosity DNA test establishes whether applicants are identical twins, fraternal twins or siblings. This type of sibling test compares whether the twins tested are monozygotic or dizygotic by comparing the DNA profiles. Identical twins (monozygotic twins) will have the same genetic blue print and non-identical twins (dizygotic twins) will have different genetic blue prints. Results are 99.99% accurate.

Peace of Mind Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Our Twin Zygosity DNA test laboratory processing cost is £110 and includes DNA testing of two applicants. See the information box below for full details. Additional children or a known parent may be tested at an extra cost of £70 each.

Our Twin Zygosity DNA Test Includes:

  • Discrete packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’
  • DNA testing of two alleged twins
  • Our Premium Quality Twin Zygosity Test using 16 genetic markers
  • Confidential DNA test results in 5-7 working days


Sample Collection for Twin DNA test

Our twin DNA test sample collection is done using mouth swabs. We will provide you with a home kit which will contain mouth swabs for each twin. We provide 4 swabs per person test.


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