This Diet and Nutrition test is the new standard in weight loss and dieting! Results will teach you how to re-think the entire concept of dieting because scientists today agree that it is not simply about the food you eat! Your genes affect certain aspects of your metabolism and all processes by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. There are certain genes which impact our cravings and influence how we perceive different foods. These biochemical processes are indeed complex and vary from one individual to the next.

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Eating behavior

Some individuals find it very hard to lose weight and yet might follow the exact same exercise plan as someone else. Some individuals might appear to follow the same eating plan as you, yet lead a more sedentary life style and manage to better control their weight! The differences in maintaining or losing weight between individuals could well be down to simple genetic differences so the key is now in understanding these genetic differences and work on your own, unique DNA make up.

Exercise Potential

It is undoubtedly true that the more you work out, the more your stamina will improve. It is also true that proper training, a professional work-out as well as a good nutrition plan is also indispensable. However, we must not forget our genetic athletic profile which can help you make better decisions about your exercise levels and fitness routine. You may for example, be better at undertaking prolonged periods of lighter or more moderate exercise than intense and short workouts requiring high and short spurts of energy.

Personalized Diet Recommendation

Do you really want to keep bouncing between diets, trying and testing and not getting results? You can put an end to all that trial and error and eat your way to weight loss by knowing your genetic profile! Some individuals may find it easier to follow a healthy eating plan because they are not predisposed to food cravings or binge eating. This makes them more easily able to control what they eat. Understand your food habits and your food attitude based upon the results of scientific test. You result will include a weekly eating plan your breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners for every day of the week.

Reaction to foods

Is food really a matter of taste? Why do you intensely crave one type of food but find another type of food to be so unappealing? This is probably due to how your body responds to certain foods and that intense pleasure you derive could well be down to your genes. Understanding this can help you take better control of your food attitude.

Collecting your samples

There is a fun side to learning so much about your genes and we are glad to offer this opportunity to our clients. Besides the wealth of information you will learn and the way in which all this information can help you get those results, you also have the advantage of the simplest DNA sample collection using mouth swabs. Once a client has confirmed their order, we will provide a sample collection kit which will contain the mouth swabs required to collect the DNA samples.

Important Note: Undoubtedly this test will reveal your genetic predisposition to certain metabolic aspects that are known to have a direct effect on your weight, food tendencies and overall health. Your genes are not however, the be-all-end-all, and other factors need to be taken into consideration such as age, gender as well as environmental factors.

Other DNA tests we offer

Discover what our Wellness and Lifestyle DNA test can do for you by taking a simple test.  Many of your lifestyle choices should be based on a grounded knowledge of your genetic makeup – this is how you can achieve your true lifestyle potential take. Results will help you to take better control of the many aspects related to your wellness and lifestyle. Click here for more information.

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