Why You Should Store Your DNA

Storing your DNA securely offers many potential uses such as:

  • Providing an indisputable scientific proof in order to protect your estate from illegitimate claims.
  • In the case of missing persons, provide investigators with genetic material to assist in their investigation and possible identification.
  • Identify certain inherited conditions and traits that your genes carry which in the future could help diagnose or cure medical conditions.

2 banking services to choose from

Chain of Custody DNA Banking

Our chain of custody DNA banking entails having your DNA samples collected by a DNA sampler (usually a doctor or a nurse) who collects the samples following a strict procedure that is known as a “chain of custody”. Samples are sent to the laboratory where they are analyzed to ensure DNA viability and securely stored for 15 years. Clients will receive a banking certificate that also includes the names of those individuals you give authorization to access your DNA sample. The cost of this service is £119 for the storage of a single profile.

Note: the sampler may charge additional fees for the sample collection.

Chain of Custody DNA Banking and Profiling

With this service you get your DNA stored in a secure facility as well as a 16 genetic marker profile. The DNA profile includes 13 CODIS markers that are the international standard for all DNA identification testing. You benefit from the peace of mind knowing your DNA is securely protected and stored for future applications and that your genetic profile is ready for analysis at a later stage. DNA samples will need to be collected by a qualified sampler such as a doctor or nurse, following a chain of custody.

The cost for DNA profile extraction and banking is of £229. This cost includes:

  • the DNA sample collection kit
  • DNA viability analysis
  • DNA profile extraction
  • 15 year DNA storage
  • Your banking certificate.

Note: the sampler may charge additional fees for the sample collection.

Collecting samples for DNA banking

Collecting samples could not be easier. We will send a kit directly to your chosen sampler with whom you can then organize an appointment to have your samples collected. Samples are collected using mouth swabs. These need to be rubbed under the tongue and against the inner cheek, then allowed to dry and sent for testing.

Interested in having your 16 genetic marker profile without banking?

With our DNA banking service we store your DNA as well as your DNA profile. If you wish to have your DNA profile extracted without banking and storage, we suggest you opt for our DNA profiling service. To read more about DNA profiling, click here.

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