How can Dog Intolerance Test help you?

When a dog is intolerant to a food or environmental element, it means that it has an adverse non-immunological reaction and this causes some symptoms, sometimes obvious and sometimes not so obvious, that affect his general well-being.

To treat an intolerance, your dog must avoid consuming or being near the causative element for a certain period. This should make the symptoms disappear and then the veterinarian should assess the possibility of reintroducing the element back into your canine friend’s life.

It is important that the detection of intolerance is done early before it causes any serious health problems, the Dog Intolerance Test will identify which elements your dog is intolerant to and allow you to take timely action to take care of your health and improve the quality of life of your beloved pet.

Important note: This is NOT a canine allergy test.

Sample Collection

When you order the Dog Intolerance Test you will receive a DNA sample collection kit with all the necessary materials to obtain samples from your pet. Please follow the instructions carefully for collecting, packaging, and shipping the samples.

This test analyses the DNA from your dog’s fur. You can take 4 or 5 strands of fur when brushing your pet or in case your dog does not shed hair, you should take the sample very carefully following the instructions on the kit.

You can also send a sample of something you suspect your dog is sensitive to in the small container included in the kit for this purpose.

Recommended age for the test: 6 months of age or older.

Understanding the Dog Intolerance Test results

The results of the Dog Intolerance Test consist of a detailed report explaining the difference between an intolerance and an allergy, the latter being an immunological reaction that may pose a risk to your pet’s life and the results of this test cannot be used to identify allergies.

The report has several sections:


  • Analysis of food sensitivities
  • Analysis of non-food sensitivities
  • Analysis of the sample sent by the client (possible element your dog is sensitive to)
  • Summary and recommended actions

The sensitivity testing sections list the 152 food and 48 non-food items tested using three colours to indicate your dog’s level of sensitivity to each item:


  • Green: No reaction
  • Yellow: Mild reaction
  • Red: Sensitive reaction

This will make it easier for you and your veterinarian to identify items that could be affecting your dog’s health.

You will receive the report by email within 5 working days after receipt of the samples in the laboratory.

Dog Intolerance Test Special Offers

Dog Intolerance Test is priced at only £49.

A second or third Dog Intolerance Test for your other pup or maybe for a relative or a friend can be purchased at £39 (£10 discount). Make use of our discounted prices to understand even better your beloved pet!

Make the most of your Dog Intolerance Test results! Order additionally the Food Suggestion Report and you will receive in your email a personalised nutritional plan for your beloved canine friend.

What elements are analysed by the Dog Intolerance Test?

Food Items Tested:


Apple Banana Bark
Beef Beer/Alcohol Bone Meal
Bread Butter Carrots
Cheese Chicken Chicken Flavour
Coconut Oil Tripe Corn
Cream Duck Eggs
Salmon Oil Fructooligosaccharides Gelatin
Gluten Lactose Lamb
Milk Nuts Oatmeal
Palm Oil Pasta Peanut Butter
Pig Ear Popcorn Pork
Potato Raw Hide Rice
Soy Sugar Tea
Turkey Wheat Salmon
Wood Yeast Yoghurt

Non-Food Items Tested:


Algae Clover Dandelion
Dust Bee Grass
Hawthorn Moss Perfume
Pine Pollen Wasp
Storage Mite Stinging Nettle Wool

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