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Dog Allergy Testing

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Don’t ignore if you see your dog constantly licking, sneezing or with swollen paws. It might be an allergic reaction. Even a tiny pollen can trigger it and affect your pooch’s health and well-being immensely. At Genetic Testing Laboratories, we offer a highly sensitive Dog Allergy test that can help identify over 120 of the most common allergens. Get the results within 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory
and prevent your dog from further discomfort!

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

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Would you like to know exactly which breeds make up your dog? Every dog has its own, unique DNA and your dog is no different. The ultimate way of confirming the breed heritage of your mixed breed dog is with our dog breed DNA test.

Dog Parentage DNA Testing

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Fast, powerful and affordable, our dog DNA parentage test enables you to establish proof of canine parentage with 99.99% accurate results. This is an important test for dog breeders and dog owners because it ensures correctness of breeding records, as well as verifying and guaranteeing lineages and guarding breed integrity.

Horse DNA Profile

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A horse DNA profile is a personal and unique form of genetic identification. An equine DNA profile is a way of establishing identity and no other horse can have the same profile (unless the horses in question are identical twins - a phenomenon which is extremely rare in horses). The test we offer is a complete 23 genetic marker profile that will secure a permanent ID for your horse

Equine Parentage Testing

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Equine parentage testing is extremely important for horse breeds and owners to be able to guarantee the parentage of a foal. Our horse DNA testing service includes analysis of mare, sire and foal and provides highly accurate and reliable results. We offer the test starting at £129 per sample tested* and results are emailed in 10 business days from receipt of samples.

Polycystic Kidney Disease in Felines

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Every cat owner or breeder wants to know that his or her cat is healthy. Obtaining knowledge about the kind of genetic diseases that are harmful is key for ensuring your feline’s long-term wellbeing.

Bird DNA Sexing

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Avian DNA sexing is rapidly gaining in popularity among those wishing to find out their bird’s gender. With precision rates above 99.9 percent, it is no surprise that DNA based bird sexing is the number one choice for bird owners worldwide.

Dog Inherited Disease Test

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Is your dog carrier of any genetic diseases? Will it be affected or suffer from the disease later on in life? Are you concerned that this disease might affect any offspring? Why not make a scientific move towards eliminating or reducing the risk of disease in your dogs with dog inherited disease testing?