About the DNA Profiling Service

The test we offer is a 21 genetic marker profile that can be used for legal or peace of mind purposes. The DNA Profile is an individual DNA profile that can be used as a permanent method of personal identification. Unlike a name that may be the same as someone else’s, a National Insurance number that could be stolen or photographs that become outdated, a DNA profile remains the same from birth to the end of your life. A DNA profile shows your genetic similarity to family members as well as the unique genetic make-up that distinguishes you from the rest of the world.

In the event that you or your family need help from a government agency, for example when searching for a missing person following an accident or natural disaster, the profile is fully compatible with internationally recognised DNA identity standards. Having a DNA profile readily available would save precious time and allow for quick comparison of your DNA profile with any DNA evidence that might be recovered.

Your DNA profile includes:

  • Discrete packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’.
  • DNA testing of the applicant.
  • Our Premium Quality DNA Profile using 21 genetic markers.
  • Confidential DNA test results in 5 working days.
  • Our legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include free Special Delivery postage of the sampling kit to your chosen health professional.

Two Types of Profile to Choose from

Standard DNA profile: the standard DNA profile is not court admissible but the results can still be used for informative purposes or comparative purposes. For example, the results of a DNA profile can be used in a paternity test if you have carried out both the paternity test and the DNA profile with the same company.

Legal DNA Profile: to qualify as an accredited legal DNA test, the DNA sample collection process must be witnessed by a health professional or neutral third party with no interest in the outcome of the test. The identity of the applicants submitting DNA samples must also be verified by photographic proof of identity and 2 passport-sized photographs of each applicant must accompany the samples.

NOTE: The health professional may charge a sampling fee and this cost is not included within our fees.


Ordering a DNA Profile does NOT provide any other information related to areas such as health and ancestry. If you want this type of test please see our complete list of DNA tests page.

Do you have Suspicions of Drug Use?

Genetic Testing Laboratories is offering a Hair Follicle Drug test which can help you confirm if someone is a drug user or not. This Drug test can detect the use of various drugs and substances by simply analysing a head or body hair sample and results are available within 3 to 5 working days only!


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