About the Mitochondrial DNA Test

The Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation is passed from females to their children and has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, thus it remains the same through many generations. (Males do not pass the X-SV they inherited from their mother to their children). Results for this test are ready in 20-30 working days from the receipt of samples at laboratory.

This test focuses on the Mitochondrial DNA and results in a unique X-SV profile for each individual tested. It is important to note that this test will not differentiate women that are in the same maternal lineage or children with the same mother.

For example, if a female Child “A” and her alleged half-brother, Child “B” (Child “B” having a different father than Child “A”) want to know if they have the same maternal biological grandmother, and they have the same X-SV profile, it is very likely that they are of the same maternal lineage. If the X-SV profiles do not match, then they neither share the same maternal biological grandmother, nor do they share the same maternal lineage.


Sample Collection

Samples for our mitochondrial DNA test are collected using our specially designed home DNA sample collection kit. The kit will contain:

  • 4 mouth swabs for every test participant
  • Instructions about how to collect the samples and precautions
  • Consent forms
  • Pre-addressed return envelope

Results for this test take 20-30 business days.

An Important Note about MtDNA Testing

*Note that results for this test will either confirm or exclude a shared maternal line between the individuals tested. The results will not spell out the exact relationship between the individuals tested or how they are related. If individuals tested want to know if they share the same mother, they will need to carry out a maternity test.

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