About Genetic Testing Laboratories

At Genetic Testing Laboratories (GTL), we are devoted to providing DNA tests that are affordable and accurate. Located in East Sussex, South East England, we have set ourselves apart as a technically advanced provider of DNA testing and paternity test services. Laboratories carrying out your test are accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and the AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks) has accredited us as a Parentage Testing Laboratory.

All Court Approved DNA Tests offered by GTL will be performed by a laboratory which has been accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

About Our DNA Tests

To provide for the wide variety of needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of DNA testing services designed to give the answers you are looking for. Our home DNA test kits, and variety of other DNA testing services, will provide the results you need to move on with your life. We carry out thorough quality checks on each of the three phases of our DNA testing procedure to make sure you receive the most trustworthy and accurate DNA test results: case login, DNA analysis and generation of the DNA test report. This rigorous supervision of our procedures is just part of the reason why so many choose GTL for a reliable paternity test, DNA testing or genetic testing.

Most DNA tests or paternity tests cause a host of strong emotions including stress, anticipation and excitement. We realise that this is more than enough to be coping with and that the last anything a customer needs is additional anxiety caused by taking a DNA test that requires a lot of time or money. Our home DNA testing kit allows you the option of collecting DNA samples in the privacy or your own home before sending them to our DNA laboratory for analysis. Once your DNA test is complete, your results report will be available by email (standard) or by hard copy (at an additional cost).

DNA Sample Collection

DNA tests are extremely sensitive and it is therefore very important that the DNA samples are collected carefully and in accordance with our instructions to avoid cross-contamination.

The most common and popular method of DNA sample collection is by using buccal mouth swabs to swab the inside of the cheek of each participant. This is a quick, reliable and painless method and is the method of sample collection used by GTL. click here to learn more about our sample collection.

DNA blood testing

GTL does not really recommend or encourage blood DNA testing although you can send us blood samples in cases where you are unable to provide samples collected by means of mouth swabs. A DNA blood test uses a small blood sample that can either be taken by a doctor or by piercing the finger with a small lancet. A small drop of blood is then transferred to a collection card. If you are considering the blood sample option please contact your doctor or health professional to discuss the collection of samples for children younger than 8-years-old.

Please continue to read for additional information about our informational, or Peace of Mind, DNA tests and legal paternity tests as the sample collection procedures are different in each case.

Informational (Peace of Mind) vs. Legal DNA Test

There are many reasons why families order DNA tests. Whether you are seeking to determine paternity, maternity, siblingship or any other family relationship, we are here to help. However, before you order a DNA testing kit, it is very important that you think about whether you need the test for your own informational purposes, or for legal reasons.

If you are looking for your own peace of mind and the test results will be for personal use only then our informational tests are appropriate.

If the test results are to be used in court, for the Child Support Agency, General Register Office or a visa application then we highly recommend that you choose our legal DNA test option.

Both types of test are carried out with the same attention to details and using the same technology but the lega testing option requires additional procedures to be followed. These requirements include: completion of relevant application forms with signatures of consent, participation of an unrelated third party, positive photographic identification and return of sealed samples by Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery or courier.

Legal DNA Testing Quick Checklist

Below is a checklist of requirements for our legal DNA test and legal paternity testing.

    • One (1) unrelated witness with no interest in the outcome of the DNA test is required – this is usually a doctor or health professional.
    • The unrelated witness takes the DNA samples or observes the sample collection process in accordance with the instructions provided with the test kit.
    • The applicants (sample providers) and the witness must complete and sign the required paperwork as indicated in the instructions.
    • Each applicant must provide positive photographic identification.
    • The witness must sign and date the back of two passport-sized photographs for each applicant.
    • The witness must package and seal the completed DNA test kit into the envelope provided.
    • The witness must send the sealed envelope, via Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery, to GTL.

Proof of Identity for Legal DNA Tests


Proof of identity includes two, full faced, passport-sized photographs of each applicant together with one of the following:

    • Current passport.
    • Current photo driving licence.

For full details about how a legal test is carried out, we suggest you read our legal DNA testing page.