How can the Food Suggestion Report help you?

Once you have determined which intolerances are affecting your beloved pet’s health with the Dog Intolerance Test, your test results will be analysed by Miranda Rochol, an expert in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Management industry.

From the analysis Miranda will design a personalised nutritional plan for your canine friend excluding the foods that have been identified as causing “Strong and Mild Intolerance” in your dog and including everything you need to make mealtime one of your pet’s favourite times.

With the Food Suggestion Report you can say goodbye to stomach upsets, itching and discomfort that affect your pet’s well-being and no longer have to worry about deciding what type of food or supplements to give them.

What does the Food Suggestion Report include?

Food Suggestion Report provides pet owners and breeders with comprehensive information that will improve the quality of life of their canine companions.

The report includes:


  • A summary of Dog Intolerance Test results with the list of allergens that are affecting your pet’s health.
  • Personalised diet suggested by the pet nutrition expert with recipes suitable for your dog and the commercial food brands used in each recipe.
  • List of URLs where you can buy the suggested commercial food brands.
  • To add to your pet’s nutrition, a list of supplements that will complement the nutritional plan.

Results are delivered by email within 3-5 working days after the pet nutrition expert receives the results of your Dog Intolerance Test.


Order the Food Suggestion Report for only £30 and make your dog happy!

If you have your Dog Intolerance Test results you can order the Food Suggestion Report by indicating your case reference number.

And if you have not yet purchased the Dog Intolerance Test, don’t wait any longer! Order the Dog Intolerance Test and the Food Suggestion Report together and you will get a complete and personalised nutritional plan for your furry friend.

For more information about the Food Suggestion Report contact our customer service team, they will answer all your questions and guide you through the purchase process.


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