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Genetic Testing Laboratories (GTL) is a company specialised in the provision of DNA relationship testing services. All tests are performed by an internationally accredited DNA testing laboratory.

the helping hand fund

GTL has historically worked with Councils and Local Authorities, performing testing for Childcare Services where confirmation of paternity for children in care is required. Whilst the laboratory carrying out the test is a very cost effective provider of legal DNA tests , there has still been the inability to assist with some cases because funds were not available due to the withdrawal of Legal Aid funding.

GTL has also worked with other social organisations, charities and immigration services and encountered similar situations whereby DNA relationship testing is not being performed even though the outcome will assist in better management of the case and the potential overall improvement in the well-being of the parties involved.

In view of this, and in line with our Corporate Social Responsibilities programme, the Company has decided to perform 1000 DNA tests at highly reduced prices to be offered only in ‘social cases.’ This is defined as situations whereby the parties to be tested, or the social organisations requesting the test, do not have the means to pay and the outcome of the test will lead to an improvement in the well-being of the parties involved.

How to Apply for the Helping Hand DNA Testing Fund

Applications for subsidised testing can be undertaken by any ‘social organisation’ either in its own name or on behalf of the person(s) it is assisting. The organisation may also propose individuals that may proceed to apply in their own name. However, a proposal or referral by a social organisation will be important criteria for a successful application.

The definition of a ‘social organisation’ is a Council, Local Authority, Citizens Advice Bureau, Immigration advisor or charitable foundation.

Applicants should usually be receiving certain benefits such as Income Support, Housing Benefit, Employment Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Pension Credit or Universal Credit.

The applicant should complete the appropriate application form and provide all information requested. Alternatively the form may also be completed on the applicant’s behalf by the nominating social organisation. All information provided must be true and factual. We reserve the right to request additional information or evidence to substantiate claims.

All applications will be treated on a case by case basis. Eligibility criteria will be evaluated depending on the application information and additionally the Company may also decide what level of support to apply at its own discretion. The decision of the Company is final.

Each social organisation may apply for more than one discounted test, until the total allocation has been reached.

The fund may be extended or closed once the allocated number of tests has been reached, or, at any point up to that date should the Company deem it necessary.

Applicants will be informed via the social organisation handling their case, regarding the status of their application and final decision. In the event of a successful application, the Company will proceed with the testing process by following its normal procedures.

By applying for, and accepting any discounted testing, the social organisation agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Understand the scope of the Fund and agree to apply only for cases deemed to be social cases based on professional opinion of the applicant’s personal situation.
  2. Submit a fully completed application form from the applicant for each application, or completed by the social organisation on the applicant’s behalf.
  3. They will abide by the terms and conditions that cover our standard testing procedures including, but not limited to, results outcome, consent and liability limitations.
  4. Agree to provide any additional information about the applicant should this be required.
  5. Agree to the payment terms (if relevant) required by the Company.
  6. Agree to inform the Company in the event of any change in the circumstances of the applicant at any stage of the process.
  7. Agree to provide, if requested, a quote or testimonial the company can utilise on its own marketing material in the event the client is content with the service provided and has no reservations about making a statement accordingly.
  8. Accept to promote the Helping Hand Fund to its clients or associated organisations by word of mouth or through any media such as notice boards, newsletters or websites where it deems appropriate.

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