Allergens tested
The list is updated regularly and may not be exhaustive
Almond Oil Ants Apple
Banana Barley Bean Curd
Beef Beet Beetroot
Blackberry Blueberry Bok Choy
Brewer’s Rice Broccoli Brown Rice
Brussels Sprout Buckwheat Buffalo/Bison
Cabbage Canola Oil Carrot
Cauliflower Celery Cheese
Chick Pea Chicken Chicken Egg
Cockroach Coconut Cod
Cod Liver Oil Collard Greens Corn
Corn Syrup Cottonseed Oil Cranberry
Cucumber Dairy Duck
Duck Egg Dust Mites or Dust Feathers
Fish Meal Fish Stock Flaxseed Oil
Fleas Gelatin Ginger
Glucosamine Grains (Bread) Grass
Green Beans Green Lipped Mussel Green Peas
Halibut House Fly Kale
Kelp Kidney Beans Lamb
Lecithin Lemon Lima Beans
Limonene Mackerel Mango
Molasses Mosquito Moth
Mushroom Navy Bean Oat
Oatmeal Olive Oil Orange
Peach Peanut Butter Pear
Pineapple Pinto Bean Pollen (Ragweed)
Pork Potato Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether
Pumpkin Rabbit Raspberry
Rice Bran Salmon Sardines
Shellfish Sorghum Soy
Spinach Squash Strawberry
Sunflower Oil Sweet Potato Tapioca
Tempeh Tobacco Tomato
Tuna Turkey Turnip
Vegetable Oil Watermelon Wheat
Whey White Rice Yam
Yogurt Yucca Zucchini
Trout Yellow Peas Quinoa


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