Our DNA sample collection kits

Testing using mouth swabs is far simpler as well as offering higher accuracy levels when compared to blood. GTL carries out the vast majority of its test using mouth swabs.

Each DNA testing kit comes with detailed instructions, mouth swabs for each applicant and a consent form to be completed with information about each applicant providing a DNA sample.

The Home DNA Test Kit is popular because it offers a discrete and private option for families to resolve uncertainties without resorting to legal action. If there is any chance you will need to use the results of your DNA test in court or legal proceedings then you should order our legally binding DNA testing kit. Click here to read more about legal testing. You may also contact us to arrange an appointment for a legal DNA test or legal paternity testing.

Other types of sample

We understand that it may not always be viable to collect samples using mouth swabs. One case where such a sample collection is not doable is if the alleged father has passed away. There may be other instances. In such cases we can carry out testing using blood, hairs or a range of other sources of DNA. We suggest you refer to our forensic sample page for more information.

The Difference Between Blood & Mouth Swab Sample Collection

A mouth swab, or buccal swab, is the painless cheek swab test described above. Blood testing is the “pin prick” method described above. Modern DNA analysis methods are quicker and more accurate and can be performed using very small samples of DNA. For this reason blood samples are rarely required for carrying out human identity DNA tests. Our standard method for DNA analysis is via mouth swabs.

For more information about how our DNA tests are carried out, court admissibility, or for any other questions, please visit our DNA test information page, email us or call one of our Customer Service Advisors.

Legally Binding DNA Testing

In order to be legally binding, DNA tests must be supported by proof of identity for each applicant and a witness must provide chain of custody of the samples collected. We offer legal DNA tests and if you think you may need to use the DNA test results for legal purposes or in court proceedings then you should choose the ‘Legally Binding DNA Test’ option when ordering your DNA kit.

A legally binding DNA test requires a third party witness to oversee sample collection and handling. Full instructions are included in the DNA test kit. The results will be admissible in court (see disclaimer below) if these instructions are followed exactly.

  • One (1) unrelated witness with no interest in the outcome of the DNA test is required. This is usually a doctor or health professional.
  • The unrelated witness takes the DNA samples or observes the sample collection process in accordance with the instructions provided with the test kit.
  • The applicants (sample providers) and the witness must complete and sign the required paperwork as indicated in the instructions.
  • Each applicant must provide positive photographic identification
  • The witness must sign and date the back of two passport-sized photographs for each applicant.
  • The witness must package and seal the completed DNA test kit into the envelope provided.
  • The witness must send the sealed envelope, via Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery, to GTL.


Proof of identity includes two, full faced, passport-sized photographs of each applicant together with one of the following:

  • Current passport
  • Current photo driving licence

Disclaimer: Due to differences between courts, we cannot guarantee that a judge will accept the results of a DNA test as qualified evidence. However, if you complete the test following all instructions exactly, and the witness is available to testify in court as to the administration of the sample collection process, the results should be admissible in a court of law. If you are unsure of the admissibility of this legal DNA test we recommend that you seek legal advice.