Why are GTL DNA Paternity Tests Cheaper?

Several years ago customers expected to pay a substantial amount for home paternity testing. People were willing to pay and prices stayed high. In recent years, far more people have discovered that DNA testing can help resolve issues about family relationships and the number of DNA tests we have carried out has increased. As with any type of business, bigger volume means lower prices and we pass the cost savings on to our customers.

Please see the appropriate DNA test page for laboratory processing fees.

Do you “cut corners” to offer these Prices?

Absolutely not. Even though all our DNA testing is carried out at an accredited laboratory laboratory the number of samples we process per year ensures we are able to pass on economy of scale savings to the consumer.

We use state-of-the-art, highly automated robotic equipment which provides exceptionally accurate and reproducible results. As a result, we are able to carry out a greater number of DNA tests at a lower cost per individual test. We have also worked very hard to automate all transfer of data between this equipment and computers which not only reduces labour costs but also significantly reduces the possibility of human error.

What makes a Paternity Test Cheap?

There are not many points on which a company can compete effectively especially with a paternity DNA test. The price of the paternity test depends on a number of things, amongst which:


  • The company’s choice of how low or high to keep their prices which can depend on various factors including competition
  • The size of the laboratories and how many samples and DNA tests they can process- bigger labs can afford to offer lower prices