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American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) is a nonprofit, non–governmental, public service, membership society providing comprehensive services in laboratory accreditation and laboratory–related training.
AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks)

AABB is an international association representing individuals and institutions involved in activities related to transfusion and cellular therapies, including transplantation medicine.
Border and Immigration Agency

The Border and Immigration Agency is a new executive agency of the Home Office. The Agency assumes the responsibilities of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) for managing immigration control in the UK. They also consider applications for permission to stay, citizenship and asylum. Their website will help you understand the UK immigration system and what your rights and responsibilities are when you make an application.

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Bounty is your one-stop pregnancy and parenting club, there for you from bump to baby and beyond. Their site is packed with news and features about pregnancy and parenthood plus you can go shopping, get special offers from their retail, finance and travel partners and a whole lot more.
British Medical Association

The British Medical Association is the doctors’ professional organisation established to look after the professional and personal needs of it’s members. The BMA represents doctors in all branches of medicine all over the UK. They promote the medical and allied sciences, seek to maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession and promote the achievement of high quality healthcare. Their policies cover public health issues, medical ethics, science, the state of the NHS, medical education and doctors’ contracts.
Child Support Agency

The key government site on all of the issues associated with child support. The Child Support Agency (CSA) is part of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission. Their role is to make sure that parents who live apart from their children contribute financially to their upkeep by paying child maintenance.

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ChildLine is the free helpline for children and young people in the UK. Children and young people can call them on 0800 1111 to talk about any problem – their counsellors are always there to help you sort it out.
Citizens Advice Bureau

Provides free, independent advice on many matters including paternity testing. The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice.
City Pregnancy Counselling & Psychotherapy

Offering counselling and psychotherapy to men, women and couples who are faced with a crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss and infertility, City Pregnancy also offer support to single parents and runs specific groups to support people in all the areas outlined.

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Community Legal Services Direct

The aim of the Community Legal Service is to ensure that people can get information and advice about their legal rights and help with enforcing them. If you live in England or Wales and want free high–quality legal information to help you deal with your legal problems, Community Legal Service Direct (CLS Direct), contactable on 0845 345 4345 can help.
Contact Law

Contact Law has 4,000 solicitors located throughout the UK that can help individuals and businesses in all areas of law including family, employment, commercial, personal injury, will & probate, immigration and conveyancing. We can quickly put you in contact with a good value and experienced local solicitor.
Dads UK

Dads UK is a news and information site dedicated to giving a voice and support to all people interested in fathers’ rights. This includes partners, grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone who has some kind of involvement with the father. Dads UK supports the growing demands of fathers in today’s society.

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Department of Constitutional Affairs

The Department for Constitutional Affairs has responsibility for relationship support, as well as promoting safe contact between children and non–resident parents. It also sponsors the work of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS), and the Office of the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee.
Department of Health

The Department of Health is committed to improving the quality and convenience of care provided by the NHS and social services. Its work includes setting national standards, shaping the direction of health and social care services and promoting healthier living.
Department for Work and Pensions

The DWP help people to achieve their potential through employment, so that they are able to provide for their children and to work and save for secure retirement.

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Family Mediation Scotland

Family mediation is a voluntary process which gives parents who are separating or living apart, the opportunity to make their own arrangements for their children’s future. Reaching agreement through mediation can avoid lengthy negotiation through solicitors or disputes in the courts.
Fathers for Justice

Fathers 4 Justice is a civil rights movement campaigning for a child’s right to see both parents and grandparents.
General Register Office

Births in England and Wales must be registered within 42 days of the birth. This can often be done at the hospital or if not at the local register office. If the parents are married to each other, either parent can register the birth. If the parents are not married to each other, they should read Who Should Register? within the Registering A Birth section and follow the Parental Responsibility link for information on the implications of who goes to the register office.

If you wish to obtain a further copy of the birth certificate, this can be bought online, by post or telephone, or through the register office where the birth was registered.

Their website has detailed information on all these topics as well as what happens in cases where fertility treatment or surrogacy is involved, what you should do if the child is born abroad and what you need to do if you wish to change any of the details on the certificate at a later date.

The GRO has a responsibility for England and Wales. There are equivalent offices for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Genes Reunited

Family tree site, Genes Reunited, is the largest family tree tracing site in the UK with free software to trace your family tree.

A support organisation for lone parents (through bereavement, divorce, separation, desertion, domestic violence or by choice) and their families, with around 200 groups around England and Wales. Offering advice on benefits, childcare, CSA, contact, divorce, employment, housing, maternity rights and lone parenthood.

Home–Start is the UK’s leading family support charity with a network of nearly 16,000 trained parent volunteers. They support thousands of parents who are struggling to cope and families who need support for many reasons including post–natal illness, disability, bereavement, the illness of a parent or child, or social isolation.

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Parenting and pregnancy advice for mums and dads. With baby names, gender predictor, forums, parents blogs and much more.
Legal Services Commission

The Legal Services Commission runs the legal aid scheme in England and Wales, working in partnership with solicitors and not–for–profit organisations to get people the information, advice and legal help they need to deal with a wide range of problems.

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Life offer free confidential counselling and emotional support on all matters concerning abortion and pregnancy. Practical help can be provided, including free baby clothes and equipment, on an on-going basis. Caring also offers free confidential support and counselling after abortion and pregnancy loss.
Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services (MUMS)

Providing a comprehensive range of scans and pregnancy care since 1998, M.U.M.S. offers a caring, expert, confidential paternity testing service with vast experience and expertise in both amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling (CVS) techniques.
National Family Mediation

NFM is a network of local not–for–profit Family Mediation Services in England and Wales which offers help to couples, married or unmarried, who are in the process of separation and divorce. They are committed to providing high quality mediation to everyone who needs it in all communities. NFM mediators help clients to reach joint decisions about the issues associated with their separation – children, finance and property. Several NFM services also provide specialist services for children.
NHS Direct

NHS Direct is a telephone health line there for you whenever you have health worries and they have the knowledge and experience to give you real help and reassurance. They also offer commissioned services to other parts of the NHS to help them meet their patients’ needs.
Northern Ireland Child Support Agency

Child support agency operating in Northern Ireland.

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One Parent Families Scotland

A national voluntary organisation, registered as a charity, promoting supportive policies and services for lone parents and their children.
Parents Advice Centre (Northern Ireland)

The Parents Advice Centre aims to help parents and other family members to improve their ability to function within the family by giving support, guiding individuals to find their own solutions, using basic counselling skills. Their approach seeks to encourage family members to reach their full potential and to promote positive parenting in the community.
Parentline Plus

Parentline Plus is a UK registered charity working to offer help and support through an innovative range of free, flexible, responsive services – shaped by parents for parents.

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Relate (National Relate)

Relate is a national charity with over 60 years experience in helping people with their relationships. Through its 2,300 counsellors working in 103 centres in England, Wales and Northern Island, it offers counselling, sexual therapy and other services to help with difficulties in marriage or in any adult couple relationship. It does not offer legal, financial or medical advice but may be able to suggest and alternative source of help.

The Samaritans is a registered charity based in the UK and Republic of Ireland, that provides confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing; and that increases public awareness of issues around suicide and depression.

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Useful Links, Counselling & Support

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