Quick and Confidential Home DNA Testing

There is no need to worry about a paternity testing kit being delivered to your home or office and no waiting for it to arrive. Simply print the registration form and instructions by clicking on the button below, collect the DNA samples using cotton buds in the privacy of your own home and post the DNA samples, completed registration form and payment to us. It really is that easy.

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Collect & Send Today DNA Test Pricing

Type of Test Price
Paternity: Father, Mother and Child
(Mother optional)
Maternity: Mother and Child
(Father optional at no additional cost)
Siblingship: 2 Siblings
(Recommended: include known parent for an additional £10)
Twin Zygosity: 2 Twins £139
Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle plus Child
(Recommended: include known parent for an additional £10)
Missing Parent: Grandparents and Grandchild
(Recommended: include known parent for an additional £10)

Collect & Send Today: Home DNA Test Instructions

We have provided detailed instructions setting out each step you need to follow in order to carry out your own DNA sample collection. Simply click on the button to the right to download the sample collection instructions and DNA test application form and then print them out.

Please read the entire instruction sheet before beginning. Follow the instructions, complete the application form and send everything together with your payment and we will start processing your DNA test as soon as it arrives.

That’s all there is to do. Your results will be available to download from this website 5 working days after we receive the samples, completed form and payment. Results are also available by telephone, email or post for an additional administration fee, see below for full details.

Print DNA Test Forms

You will need the following instructions and application form to complete your Collect & Send™ DNA Test. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can use the link below to download it for free. Please print the Instruction Sheet and Form and read them carefully all the way through before beginning the DNA sample collection process.

Send DNA samples, completed application form & payment to:

GTL,Phoenix House, 32 West Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2RT

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