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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology is used to determine canine parentage and can be especially useful if you have doubts regarding which dog sired a litter of puppies or in cases of multiple sired litters.

This test can be used to assess numerous sires and prove the sire of the litter in question. It also puts buyers at ease by providing scientific evidence of the dog’s ancestry.

Collecting Samples

For the test, samples from the pup, mother and the alleged sire are needed. Parentage can be accurately established by comparing sizes of the allele. The test we offer uses a 16-DNA marker panel for usual parentage testing and has extra 12 markers in cases where there are a number of closely related dogs.

All we need are DNA samples obtained from your dog using simple mouth swabs. You can take this swab in the comfort of your home and the only precaution is to ensure that your dog has not consumed anything for at least one hour. Another basic precaution is to allow the swabs to dry once swabbing has been carried out.

Important note: Testing without the mother: If the mother is not available then extended testing must be performed and there is a surcharge per dog. Results also take an ADDITIONAL 7 WORKING DAYS.

How much will your Dog DNA Parentage Test Cost?

Canine DNA parentage testing costs £129 per dog and you will get the results within 10 working days. Results of this test are very accurate at excluding or confirming whether a suspected sire is the biological father of your puppy. If the tested sire is the biological sire of the puppy or puppies, the results will show a 99.90 % parentage probability. If it is not, then the parentage probability will be 0 %.

Why Test the Mother?

Having the mother’s DNA makes testing more accurate. A sire may be falsely confirmed to be the biological father if the mother’s sample is not used.  Having the mother’s sample helps the laboratory exclude her share in the genetic inheritance of the offspring. When the mother is not available, extended testing must be done to determine proper parentage

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