Your Lineage and Origins

There is a huge interest these days in the concept of lineage and ancestry. People want to know more about who they are and ancestry DNA testing has made this possible and accessible to anyone. No amount of research can reveal as must about who your ancestors truly were and where they originated from as our lineage test can. Analyzing your DNA might indeed leave you amazed at your true ancient ancestry.

Many celebrities have discovered a lot about their ancestry by means of DNA testing – facts which no genealogist working with traditional method used for building people’s family trees, rummaging through paper documents and public registry records could reveal.


What will the Test Results Show?

  • Based upon your DNA and the study of specific DNA sequences, we can tell you who your ancient forefathers were and the geographical regions from which they originated.
  • Our results will provide you with map – with this map you can truly follow the migration roots of your forefathers.
  • Your own Y STR profile (Y Short tandem Repeat profile) and your Y chromosome Haplogroup designation which will include a detailed description of your ancestral paternal clan.

Click here to read A Beginner’s Guide to DNA Ancestry Testing which compares the different types of ancestry DNA tests we offer.

View a sample result of this test.

All this information is available to you for the cost of £119 Once we have received your DNA samples, we will have your results ready by email in 4-5 weeks. 

Special Duo Package

If you want the most thorough and complete ancestry test, we also have a special, well discounted package. For just £199 you can have:


Please note the duo lineage test is only available for male test participants.

Y Chromosome Paternal Lineage Testing

The Y chromosome is only found in males. It is moreover, a chromosome which has a special characteristic of inheritance in that it is only passed down the paternal line and is inherited relatively unchanged as generation’s role by. Testing specific regions on this chromosome can help you trace that hidden part of your ancient ancestry that is encoded in your genome – a true means of learning what is called your “geogenetic ancestry”. The term “geogenetic” refers to the fact that the test looks at two important aspects of research into your origins combining the two fields of genetics with geography. Certain sequences of what are known as short tandem repeats or microsatellite markers are only found in people originating in certain parts of the world. You too will share certain repeats of DNA which will connect you to the regions from which your ancestors originated.

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