Jude Law is no stranger to controversy, but when news hit that he was embroiled in yet another child DNA test, shock waves were felt.

The once stable family man, who was married to British actress Sadie Frost for more than six years and with whom he has three children, is doing nothing to help his growing reputation as a philanderer. During his marriage to Sadie Frost, Jude Law famously had an extra marital affair with actress Sienna Miller, who herself seems to have a penchant for married men. Inevitably their affair fizzled out (Law had an affair with his children’s nanny) and Jude Law has since been linked to a string of women.

Child DNA Test Affair

Samantha Burke and Jude Law engaged in a brief ‘fling’ over Christmas 2008, whilst Law was filming the new Guy Ritchie movie. When the child DNA test affair first came to the attention of the media, it was reported that Samantha Burke, the actress at the centre of the scandal, had to contact Law’s publicity office to tell him the news of her pregnancy as the mobile phone number he had given her had been disconnected!

Miss. Burke was said to have conducted a DNA test to confirm that Mr. Law was indeed the father of her child and to hush her critics. Many viewed Samantha Burke with suspicion, claiming her interests and motivation were purely financial. However, she apparently comes from a well-off family and simply wished to have Mr. Law in her baby’s life. The DNA test was the conclusive proof Jude needed and by all accounts since hearing of the news he has been ‘supportive’ in every possible way. However, Mr. Law says, the results of the child DNA test ensure he will be involved in baby Sophia’s life, but will not be pursuing a relationship with the baby’s mother, Samantha Burke. Mr. Law remains close to his ex-wife and has had to comfort and reassure her that this latest addition to his family will not affect the children that he has with her, emotionally or financially.

Child DNA Test for Hollywood Stars

Child DNA tests seem to be proving themselves a growing necessity within modern day society, with Hollywood stars and everyday people alike relying on them to prove the parentage of their offspring. A simple swab on a cotton bud can be all it takes to conduct a child DNA test. However if you wish to have a child DNA test done whilst pregnant then you can carry out a prenatal paternity test.

A prenatal paternity test is a form of DNA testing that can be carried out before the child is born. Because of the nature and complexity of this form of DNA test, the sample collection procedure must be carried out by an obstetrician or gynaecologist. The procedure, a CVS or amniocentesis, must be carried out in order to confirm the biological father of the baby. These tests can be carried out as little as eleven weeks into the pregnancy for the CVS procedure (chorionic villi collected from the womb), or between 16 and 23 weeks for amniocentesis (collection of the amniotic fluid from around the unborn baby).

DNA tests can be vital in resolving disputes regarding parentage, but in the case of a prenatal paternity test, there may be some risks associated with the procedure. Therefore you should consult a medical practitioner and carefully consider all options before carrying out the procedure.

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