Thinking of carrying out DNA paternity testing in the UK? Well there are a several companies offering these types of tests and given the accuracy and reliability of such tests, it is no wonder that it has become the sole means of establishing the paternity of a child.

In latest news from the US, celebrity Kourtney Kardashian has been in a brawl about the alleged father of her child. Model, Michael Girgenti has claimed to be the father of her son, Mason but Kardashian has vehemently rejected any such claims.

Girgenti had been giving his version of the story to the tabloids, claiming that Scott Disick (the supposed father of Mason) was not the in fact the biological father. Moreover Girgenti stated that he was the true father of Mason. According to Kardashian, she met Girgenti briefly a few years back and he most certainly could not be the father. She claimed that no tests were needed in order to confirm that.

Furthermore, Kardashian deemed that Girgenti’s dishonesty served as an attempt to take money from her and gain recognition as a celebrity profile through publicity. A ploy to get the attention of the media.

Girgenti went so far as to file a paternity suit and request custody of the child in the court of law and requested that alleged father of the child Disick undergo a paternity test to prove paternity.

For legal reasons and also to demonstrate once a for all that Girgenti was not the father, Kardashian encouraged Disick to take a DNA paternity test. Luckily DNA paternity tests proved that the father of her son was Disick as Kardashian had claimed from the start.

Without paternity DNA testing, there may still be queries surrounding the question of who was the alleged biological father. Through this process they were able to put the story to rest and continue with their lives without a nagging doubt.

The truth about DNA paternity testing is that it cannot lie, and once the biological father is confirmed the results are undeniable. DNA paternity testing as seen in the case of Kardasian is not just useful as a means of clarifying the truth, but also in the court of law. This is especially so when tackling issues such as financial maintenance, visitation rights and child support in general.

When it comes to celebrities, DNA paternity testing is of ultimate importance; there is often reputation, money and social perception issues at stake. All this depends on the results of a simple paternity test.

Need a Paternity test in the UK?

If you need a paternity test in the UK, ensure you pick an accredited company such as The Genetic Testing Laboratory. Paternity tests are 99.99% accurate with exclusion rates of a 100%, – results speak for themselves. DNA paternity tests are usually simple to carry out ether through a cheek swab in the comfort of your own home, or through a blood test in a certified medical center.

Whether you are seeking to prove relationships between father and child, siblings, genetic genealogy, reassurance and peace of mind, legal matters and so on, DNA paternity test UK results from an accredited laboratory are indisputable.

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