An apartment complex in New Hampshire has introduced a DNA test to trace owners who do not clean up after their pets.

Dogs are man’s best friend but for some the downside of dogs in residential areas is a serious concern. Dog droppings are not only unpleasant, by smelling bad and fouling shoes and even clothes but they can also be a serious health hazard. The most serious health risk from dog messes is a parasitic worm infection known as toxiocariasis which, in extreme cases, can cause blindness. This is mainly a threat to children, between the ages of eighteen months and five years, who may play where the dog fouling is left on the ground. The eggs of the worm can live in the faeces and soil for a long time and infect someone if swallowed. The United Kingdom has over seven million dogs which produce around one thousand tons of poop per day, much of this in and around the places people live.

Steps to discourage people from leaving their dog’s mess on the ground rather than tidying it up with a pooper scooper or bag have been getting increasingly determined. Many parks now charge significant fines for anyone caught leaving a mess their dog created though this requires a park warden to be present so it can be hard to stop the problem this way. In the UK some councils have gone as far as to introduce closed circuit television in an effort to catch the people responsible.

DNA Test

The newest solution to the problem is being tried out by some residential complexes in New Hampshire, USA. All of the residents who own dogs have to have DNA samples taken for a DNA test in the event that any dog mess is found. The dog mess can be sent off to a commercial genetics laboratory and inexpensively checked with a DNA test to determine which dog made the mess and then the owner can be fined as a result. If a resident is the owner of the dog that made the mess they pay the cost of the test and receive a warning. On getting a second warning the pet and owner are forced to leave the residential complex. Other residents have praised the use of this DNA test as it creates a cleaner and more pleasant environment to live in. Using this system has been extremely effective as it not only costs the apartment complex little or nothing but ensures that dog owners clean up after their pets responsibly. Even large complexes with many dogs have been able to remain clean thanks to the use of this DNA test.

With the relatively low cost and accuracy of the test the use of this DNA test changes apartment management for the better by creating a system which only punishes wrong doers and those who are responsible can continue to own a pet dog and clean up after it.

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