Accuracy of a Maternity Test

Maternity test results are extremely accurate – if the tested mother is the biological mother, the results will show a probability of maternity of 99.99%. If the tested mother is not the biological mother, the results will show a probability of maternity of 0%.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using mouth swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

We do not offer express testing if you chose to send a discreet sample. We can offer express testing only if you use mouth swabs.

Why select our maternity test:


  • Discreet packaging marked ‘Private & Confidential’
  • DNA testing of the alleged mother, child and father (father is optional)
  • Our Premium Quality Maternity Test using 21 genetic markers
  • Confidential DNA test results in 5 working days
  • Our legal ISO accredited DNA tests are available and include


Sample Collection

Sample collection is by means of a DNA testing kit. We send the kit out to your chosen address once you have placed your order. The kit contains mouth swabs, consent forms and instructions. DNA samples are collected in just a few seconds following the step by step instructions we provide. The kit also contains a self-addressed envelope for the return of samples.

Should you find you are unable to provide a mouth swab sample, we are able to extract DNA from a variety of other sources at additional cost. These alternate sources include hair, nail clippings, chewing gum, cigarette butts and clothing. Please click here for full details of other DNA sources we can work with, prices and success rates.

Legal Maternity Testing

If you need your maternity test results to stand in court, you can opt for our legal maternity test. Our laboratory processing cost for legal maternity testing is £289 and includes DNA testing of the alleged mother, child and father. Additional children may be tested at an extra cost of £119 each.

To qualify as an accredited legal DNA test, the DNA sample collection process must be witnessed by a health professional or neutral third party with no interest in the outcome of the test. The identity of the applicants submitting DNA samples must also be verified by photographic proof of identity and 2 passport-sized photographs of each applicant must accompany the samples.

NOTE: The health professional may charge a sampling fee and this cost is not included within our fees.

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