Options for Genetic Reconstruction Testing

The test works by analyzing the DNA of the alleged father’s relatives to establish paternity. The test is highly advanced and actually involves a number of different tests in the laboratory. Genetic reconstruction testing is available starting from £299.

The test requires the DNA samples of at least 3 of the child’s paternal blood relatives.


  • If the child of the mother is available for testing and her sample is provided for the test, you will need to include two further DNA samples from the alleged father’s direct relatives
  • If the mother is not available for the test you will need to include samples from 3 of the alleged father’s direct relatives

The Importance of the Mother’s Sample

If the mother is available, the test should be performed on the mother and 2 known biological relatives on the paternal side. Paternal parents or siblings are usually the option to go for, since their DNA is more similar than other blood relatives. Although every individual’s genetic makeup is different, genetic relatives will share common DNA. DNA specialists compare the markers of the child in question with the mother and 2 close relatives on the father’s side of the family to determine whether the child and his or her alleged relatives share those genetic markers.

Note: direct relatives include brothers, sisters or parents of the alleged father. We cannot carry out the test with cousins.

Establishing Paternity by Testing Male Relatives

If test participants are male (for example paternal grandfather and the son of the alleged father) you may wish to consider the option of doing a Y chromosome test. A Y chromosome test will confirm whether two males share a common paternal line, hence if alleged grandfather and grandson share the same Y chromosome profile, it would mean that they share a common paternal line or ancestor. For more information about Y chromosome testing, click here.

What other Testing Options do I have?

We offer a number of relationship tests which are ideal for establishing whether alleged relatives are actually biological relatives. Relationship tests can be carried out between aunts and uncles with their nieces or nephews, between siblings or between grandchildren and their grandparents. In order to carry out these tests, we will need to know who is available for testing and what exactly you wish to determine (for example are two individuals half siblings or full siblings). To read more about our relationship tests, click here or  contact our customer support team to discuss your case.

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