Kent- United Kingdom – 08 March 2017 – Australia based genetic testing company The Genetic Testing Laboratories (also known as GTL Australia) has launched a new range of clinical DNA tests to its existing portfolio in partnership with a leading genetic laboratory in Australia.

The introduction of new products to its existing range of clinical tests is in line with the company’s strategy to increase and diversify its portfolio of DNA tests.  The company has recently introduced a blood based Allergy test, which analyses various allergy panels and measures the levels of the allergy antibody IgE in response to the allergens tested. GTL Australia has also launched Pharmacogenomic testing, a cutting edge-test which tests an individual’s gene response to certain drug classes as well as an Inherited Disease Panel which covers a person’s genetic predisposition to over 700 diseases. The latest addition to the portfolio is the Post Natal Test which establishes a baby’s risk for 50 inherited disorders and includes information regarding the baby’s ability of metabolizes 20 different drugs.

Commenting on this significant venture, GTL’s sales and marketing manager states that “we believe clinical testing and personalized medicine are what medicine and health care is moving towards. The gradual paradigm shift is becoming more obvious with the growing requests we get not only from individuals, but also from doctors and clinics who wish to better advise, treat, prevent and guide their patients through access to various clinical tests such as gluten testing or pharmacogenomic testing.” The Genetic Testing Laboratories notes that is only offers its portfolio of tests following Australian guidelines “the tests must be ordered by a doctor and results sent to doctor. The client can then discuss their results with the doctor.

With an ever-growing demand for patient satisfaction, effective treatments and positive outcomes, the company foresees an evolution in the field of clinical tests which will become an integral part of detecting, managing and preventing diseases and illnesses.

The company also notes how it is not only the private medical and health sector that can benefit from these tests but public hospitals and other state run health care entities which should seek collaborations with private companies and laboratories that offer these tests because “clinical tests can potentially save millions of dollars and reduce pressure on the public health service which is already under strain in many countries. Having access to such targeted treatments, based on the results of genetic testing, can avoid use of ineffective drugs, over or under prescribing, which amongst many other related issues, just increase the tab on public health care spending”

About GTL

The Genetic Testing Laboratories offers health, clinical relationship as well as parentage testing services. It is one of the leading companies in Australia, with offices in countries including the United Kingdom.