GTL are your trusted DNA testing service providers, dedicated to providing bird owners and avian breeders with reliable and precise DNA testing. We provide you with definite results at reduced prices, while maintaining the quality standards in bird DNA sexing.

Sample Collection

DNA sampling for Bird DNA sexing can be conducted using different types of samples, such as blood or feathers. Both feather and blood samples are equally reliable and offer the same level of accuracy. Blood tests are an outstanding source of DNA that has been used for several years as a means of DNA data collection.

Progress in DNA technology made it possible to extract DNA from feathers in order to determine the sex of your bird. Since accurate results are obtained from both sample types, the technique used is strictly according to the bird owner’s preference.

Please Note: sample collection kits and instructions for the Avian DNA Sexing are sent by email and require a printer to print them before use. If you do not have access to a printer, please contact us for a quote for sending a kit by post. For a complete list of birds available for testing, please click here

Egg shells can also be used to determine the sex of a bird but GTL do not offer bird sexing using egg shells. 

Technology Involved

What makes bird DNA sexing so accurate?

Scientific progresses in DNA diagnostics have developed a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). DNA variations of female and male birds can be found through the use of PCR in DNA testing.

Female birds are born with two dissimilar sex chromosomes (known as “ZW”), and male birds have two copies of the same sex chromosomes (known as “ZZ”).  By using PCR, differences in sizes between W and Z chromosomes are detected, and therefore so is the gender of your bird.

Accurate Results

GTL’s state-of-the-art laboratory looks forward to bringing you reliable and accurate results. We ensure quality and quick turnaround from the moment we have received your samples.  Order your Bird DNA Sexing kit here, or for more information contact our customer support team.

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