Luckily, it is never too late to take a DNA test to uncover the information encoded in your genes and take better control of the many aspects related to your wellness and lifestyle. This test can help uncover your predispositions to certain tendencies and traits to optimize your lifestyle decisions.

Results for the wellness and lifestyle DNA test are ready in 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of samples. The test starts at £99

What does the wellness and lifestyle test include?

The wellness and lifestyle report is more than just a simple report of laboratory findings. It is a personalized template that will help you harness your genes and capitalize on what is encoded in your DNA to achieve a better wellbeing and move towards finding the perfect balance in your life. Results will detail all of the following areas as well others in relation to your specific genes.

Avoidance of Errors: How well do you learn from past mistakes? Are you likely to keep repeating errors?

Hair Loss: How likely are you to go bald or prematurely lose hair? Are you genetically predisposed to early hair loss or will you maintain that healthy mane?

Learning Patterns:

Lifespan Potential: Curious to know whether you carry genes predisposing you more than the average person to old age diseases? This section of your results could help provide one indication of how long you could live.         

Memory Performance: Are you strong on verbal memory or perhaps spatial memory? Are you genetically built for an above average memory?

Morning/Night Person: Often wake up all groggy? How important is your sleep schedule? Our sleep pattern, how much sleep we should be getting, and at what hours is partly determined by our genes.

Risk Taking: Daredevil or cautious? Are you likely to undertake risky endeavors or prefer to assess all the outcomes before doing something? Do you carry the genotype involved in risk taking?

Social support: Some individuals are predisposed to seek support and help from others in time of need. Other individuals are predisposed to eschew social support. Which one are you?

Speed vs. Endurance: Some individuals are better built for short, bursts of energy and more likely to succeed at sports like sprinting. Other individuals might be better at endurance sports such as cycling or swimming. Are you doing the right sport or exercise? Which one of the two are you built for?

The importance of the results

It is important to understand that these results are for curiosity purposes. No decisions should be made basing oneself on these results without the full guidance and supervision of a health care professional. Moreover, the results you receive are only one contributing factor. For example one’s lifespan potential could be adversely affected by a high risk job or an unhealthy diet. Hair loss may be caused by certain environmental factors such as stress. This means that whilst the results of the Wellness and Lifestyle DNA test are very meaningful, there are many other factors which have an important role, one of the main ones being environmental.

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